Check Point Access Control Solution

Check Point Access Control Solution:

A Security Gateway at the network boundary inspects and provides access control for all traffic. Traffic that
does not pass though the gateway is not controlled.

Figure 1-1 Traffic Inspection at the Network Boundary

Figure 1-1

A security administrator is responsible for implementing company security policy. The Security Management
Server enables administrators to enforce security policies consistently across multiple gateways. To do this,
the administrator defines a company-wide security policy Rule Base using SmartDashboard and installs it to
the Security Management Server. SmartDashboard is a SmartConsole client application that administrators
use to define and apply security policies to gateways. Granular security policy control is possible by applying
specific rules to specific gateways.
A Security Gateway provides secure access control because of its granular understanding of all underlying
services and applications traveling on the network. Stateful Inspection technology provides full application
level awareness and comprehensive access control for more than 150 predefined applications, services and
protocols as well as the ability to specify and define custom services.

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