The primary concern with classful addressing is the lack of
flexibility in assigning a block of addresses. Instead of assigning
fixed network prefixes of 8, 16, or 24 bits, CIDR uses prefixes
that can range from 13 to 27 bits. Using CIDR, blocks of
addresses can be assigned to networks as small as 32 hosts or to those with over 500,000 hosts.
This allows address,assignments to more closely match the needs of an organization.

A CIDR address looks very similar to a classful IP address. It
uses the standard 32-bit dotted-quad notation. The CIDR
scheme appends information to the end of the address that
specifies how many bits of the address are used for the network
prefix. For example, in the CIDR address, the
/26 indicates the first 26 bits are used to identify the unique
network, while the remaining bits identify the host on the

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