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ClaudiaJS is one of the earliest of the deployment frameworks and tools. It is licensed under open source, and, at the time writing, it only supports AWS Lambda.
ClaudiaJS is a Node.js library that helps to deploy Node.js projects on to AWS Lambda and API Gateway.
It currently supports just the Node.js language. ClaudiaJS claims that it is not a framework, but a deployment tool, so the developer just calls it ClaudiaJS within their code and does not have to change their code structure. ClaudiaJS is built on top of AWS SDK and AWS CLI.
It flags three types of JavaScript libraries:

  • Command-line library
  • API builder library
  • Bot builder library

Command-line library The first JavaScript library is a command-line tool or library.
The command-line tool helps to deploy, update, roll back, package, invoke or test, and destroy Lambda functions, and it also works seamlessly with AWS API Gateway. It uses the standard npm packaging conventions, which just means that you can call it without making changes to your actual code structure. So the really interesting features with ClaudiaJs’s command-line libray are as follows:

  • Cloudia create: This command will create a function and a related security role on the AWS portal
  • claudia update: This command will update the function by deploying a new version of the function and update the associated API
  • claudia test-lambda: This command will execute the Lambda function
  • claudia set-version: This command will point the Lambda API stage to the latest deployment version
  • claudia add-scheduled-event: This command can add the scheduled recurring events for the Lambda function to run, so through this, we can keep the Lambda function warm
  • claudia destroy: This command will destroy the function and associated API and security roles

ClaudiaJS API builder library

The second type of library is the API builder library. It is the extension of the ClaudiaJS library, and it helps in setting up the AWS API Gateway endpoint. It also helps to route multiple API gateways to a single Lambda function. It automatically enables the CORS for the endpoints.

ClaudiaJS Bot builder library

This library is one of the most interesting libraries provided by ClaudiaJS. This library helps to create different types of bots within minutes.
It has out-of-the-box features to integrate with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Skype.
It is pretty easy to set up a bot using ClaudiaJS bot libraries.

To summarize, ClaudiaJS is great tool when using the AWS Cloud provider. It also supports Node.js. The documentation link provided in the following information box is up to date; the documentation explains each and every CLI command very well.
There are lots of tutorials available, ranging from simple development to advanced tasks.
The bot libraries are one of the best things that ClaudiaJS can provide. However, there is no support for multiple serverless providers, nor for multiple languages.

More information on Claudia.JS can found at the following link:

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