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Glossary A through L


A through B
AAL ATM adaptation layer————————–ANSI American national standards institute
ABR Available bit rate—————————-AP Access point
ACK Acknowledgement——————————-APC ATM process or controller
ACSE Association control service element———-API Application programming interface
ADM Add-drop multiplexer————————–APS Automatic protection switch
ADM ATM direct mapped—————————–ARP Address resolution protocol
AII Attachment individual identifier————–ASCII American standard code for information interchange
AIM America online instant messenger————–ATM Asynchronous transfer mode
AMI Alternate mark inversion———————-AVCR Available cell rate
BCP Bridge control protocol———————–BITS Building integrated timing supply
BER Basic encoding rules————————–BNC British naval/nut connector
BER Bit error rate——————————–BPDU Bridge protocol data unit
BGP Border gateway protocol———————–BPSK Binary phase shift keying
Bit Binary digit———————————-BT Burst tolerance

CAC Connection admission control——————CLR Cell loss ratio
CAN Campus area network—————————CMF Client management frame
CBR Constant bit rate—————————–CMIP Common management information protocol
CDV Cell delay variation————————–CO Central office
CDVT CDV tolerance——————————–CORBA Common object request broker architecture
CE Circuit emulation——————————CoS Class of service
CER Cell error ratio——————————CPE Customer premises equipment
CES Circuit emulation services——————–CPU Central processing unit
CHAP Challenge-handshake authentication protocol–CRC Cyclical redundancy check
cHEC Core header error check———————-CS Convergence sublayer
CIDR Classless inter-domain routing—————CSMA/CD Carrier sense multiple access with collision detection
CIR Committed information rate——————–CSPF Constrained shortest path first
CLEC Competitive local exchange carrier———–CTD Cell transfer delay
CLI Command line interface————————CTS Clear to send
CLNP Connectionless network protocol————–CVID Customer VLAN ID
CLP Cell loss priority—————————-CWDM Coarse wavelength division multiplexing

D through E
DA Destination address—————————DS Digital signal
DCD Data carrier detect————————–DSL Digital subscriber line
DCE Data communications equipment—————-DSLAM DSL access multiplexer
DE Discard eligible——————————DSR Data set ready
DEC Digital equipment corporation—————-DTE Data terminal equipment
DHCP Dynamic host configuration protocol———DTR Data terminal ready
DIX Digital, Intel, Xerox————————DWDM Dense wavelength division multiplexing
DLCI Data link connection identifier————-DXI Data exchange interface
DNS Domain name service————————–EOF End of frame
EOS Ethernet over SONET
EBCDIC Extended binary coded decimal interchange code
EEPROM Electronically erasable programmable read-only memory
EFM Ethernet in the first mile——————-EOW Ethernet over wavelengths
EGP Exterior gateway protocol——————–ES End system
EIGRP Enhanced interior gateway protocol———ESD Electrostatic discharge
EIR Excess information rate———————-ESF Extended superframe
ELAN Ethernet LAN——————————–ESM Extended synchronization module
ELINE Ethernet line
EMI Electromagnetic interference

F through H
FAST Fujitsu assistance————————–FE Fairness eligible
FC Fibre channel———————————FEC Forward equivalence class
FCS Frame check sequence————————-FNC Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.
FCSC FCS error———————————–FOCIS Fujitsu online customer information system
FDD Frequency division duplex——————–FR Frame relay
FDDI Fiber distributed data interface————FTAC Fujitsu technical assistance center
FDM Frequency division multiplexing————–FTP File transfer protocol
Gb/s Gigabits per second————————-GigE Gigabit Ethernet
GCRA Generic cell rate algorithm—————–GLAN Gigabit LAN
GFC Generic flow control————————-GUI Graphical user interface
GFP Generic framing procedure——————–GVRP GARP VLAN registration protocol
GHz Gigahertz
HDLC High-level data link control—————-HTTP HyperText transfer protocol
HEC Header error control————————-Hz Hertz

I through L
IAM Initial address message———————-IP Internet protocol
IC Integrated circuit—————————-IPG Interpacket gap
IDU Interface data unit————————–IRC Internet relay chat
IEEE Institute of electrical and electronics engineers
ISDN Integrated services digital network
IETF Internet engineering task force————-IS-IS Intermediate system to intermediate system
IF Interface————————————-ISO International organization of standards
IGP Interior gateway protocol——————–ISP Internet service provider
IMA Inverse multiplexing for ATM—————–ITU International telecommunication union
IMAP Internet message access protocol
kb/s kilobits per second————————-km kilometer
LAN Local area network—————————LIB Label information base
LANE LAN emulation——————————-LLC Logical link control
LANG LAN group———————————–LMI Local management interface
LAP Link access procedure————————LSA Link state advertisement
LAPS Link access procedure SDH——————-LSAP Link service access point
LCN Local communication network——————LSDB Link state database
LCP Link control protocol————————LSM Loss of synchronization messages
LDP Label distribution protocol——————LSP Label switched path
LER Label edge router—————————-LSR Label switched router

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