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How to Crack Cisco Switch Password For Catalyst 2950

How to Crack Cisco Switch Password For Catalyst 2950:

These instruction will detailed explain how to crack Cisco switch password for model catalyst 2950 which is common used for majority computer networking:

Steps 1:

Connect computer to the catalyst 2950 Switch using console cable.

Console Cable

Steps 2:

Plug console cable RJ-45 side into console port at back of the Switch, and DB-9 side into serial port at back of computer.


Steps 3:

Plug the power cable at back of the Switch, and Holding “mode” button at left corner of the front panel for 15 seconds.


Steps 4:

In Windows XP,click “Start” menu,and then move to “Accessories”—->”Communications”—->”Hyper Terminal”


Steps 5:

The system has been interrupted prior to initializing the flash file system,and it wills show the following information.

Initial Flash

Steps 6:

In command line, type “flash_init” after”switch:_”, and it will initialize the flash system.

Initial boot

Steps 7: 

In command line, type “rename flash:config.text flash:config.old”, it will rename the “config.text” configuration file in flash directory as “config.old”. after rename, it will not boot from config.old

Steps 8: 

In command line, type”boot”. it will restart operating system and show the following information:


Steps 9:

Enter “n” at the prompt to start the Setup program.

Press N

Steps 10:

In command line, type “enable”, it will enable privilege mode.

Steps 11:

type”rename flash:config.old flash:config.text” after “switch#_”.

Steps 12:

type”copy flash:config.text run” in command line. it will copy the configuration to the current running-config file.

Steps 13:

type”conf t” in command line , it will enable configuration terminal.

Steps 14:

type”no enable password” in command line , it will remove password.

Steps 15:

type”no enable secret” in command line, it will remove secret.

Steps 16:

type”line console 0″ in command line. it changes to the console 0.

Steps 17:

type”no password” in command line. it means do not set password for console 0.

Steps 18:

type”end” in command line. it will save and quit config terminal mode.

Steps 19:

type”write” in command line, it saves the configration file to running-config file. when next time start the switch, there is no password required.


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