The open source OpenWhisk – FaaS platform

OpenWhisk is an open source FaaS platform that can be deployed to the cloud or on an onpremise data center. It is driven by IBM, and they have open sourced using the Apache licence.
We can sign up for OpenWhisk through Bluemix (Bluemix is IBM’s cloud platform) or we can set it up locally through a vagrant. It works in a similar way to any FaaS technology, such as AWS Lambda , Azure Functions, or Google Functions.
But OpenWhisk supports open events providers. So if we have a custom event provider, then we can incorporate it with OpenWhiz, because, unlike other cloud platforms, OpenWhiz allows events within its service.
One example would be that a function can be triggered through OpenWhiz upon the arrival of a new item appearance in an RSS feed.
OpenWhiz will allow an organisation to set up their own FaaS platform within their premises if they are not happy to allow their data to go out of their organisation. The language support in OpenWhiz is Swift, along with JavaScript or Node.js.
OpenWhiz has integrated Docker support for binary code execution within functions.

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